Honeypots Specimen Lake

The Specimen lake is by appointment only. It is 4 acres in size with a max of 10 swims, with 150 of the carp ranging between 20-35lb,  also a good head of catfish up to and over 55lb.  The make up of the lake is a clay bottom with gravel and silt patches with very little weed.

All Day tickets run from 7am 7pm and night tickets from 7pm 7am

Costs :

Prices up to and including 31st March 2019 
£15 for 12 hours for 3 rods
£30 for 24 hours for 3 rods
£40 for 36 hours for 3 rods
£50 for 48 hours for 3 rods
£250 to book the whole lake for 24 hours with up to 10 people fishing

Prices from 1st April 2019 
12 Hours £15 for 3 rods
24 Hours £30 for 3 rods
36 Hours £45 for 3 rods
48 Hours £60 for 3 rods
60 Hours £75 for 3 rods
72 Hours £90 for 3 rods
For Longer sessions please call for a price

Full Lake Hire (Bank holiday hires are a minimum of 72 hours Fri-Monday pm)
48 Hours £600
60 Hours £750
72 Hours £900

All guests will be charged £5 per 12 hours

Please call 07399435512 for bookings

Fishery Gates will open at 7am and close at 7pm. Those night fishing will be locked in until the morning. Anyone wishing to open the gate after it is closed will incur a £20 charge unless it is an emergency.

Rules :

Anglers must book prior to fishing the Specimen lake.
Only valid ticket holders are permitted to use the fishery
All anglers must have a valid UK rod license.
Minimum of 12lb Mainline to be used.
Boilie and Pellet only, no Particle baits or Nuts
Only Leadclips, Inline or Helicopter setups allowed.
Barbless and Microbarb hooks only.
Suitable Unhooking mat carp care kits and 42 Nets must be used.
No Braided Mainlines
No Treble Hooks or wire traces allowed for catfish.
No Persons under the age of 16.
No Fires.
No Dogs.
No Driving on the grass, park in the car parks only.
No Guests unless previously arranged.
No Rowdy behaviour we run a peacefull fishery.
No Fish to be removed or introduced.
Strictly NO Litter please take it home with you or use bins provided.

Honeypot Lakes reserves the right to request that you shall leave the fishery if any of the rules are seen to be broken.

Neither the fishery nor any of its servants shall be held responsible for any loss or damage to, or theft of property.

Ticket holders shall not be entitled to make claims against the fishery or any of its servants in respect of any such damage, loss, theft or injury.

honeypot specimen lake birds eye view